ALIVE Leadership Mini Course

Be a leader who inspires performance | taught by Kerstin Weibull Lundberg
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Kerstin  Weibull Lundberg
Kerstin Weibull Lundberg
ALIVE Leadership Coach and Consultant

About the instructor

"Kerstin inspires performance with her earthy, balanced approach, inner wisdom, and management and leadership experience. She leads from love and lets her heart be her guide for all that she takes action for in the world.”

Kerstin Weibull Lundberg is the founder and owner of the ALIVE method.  She has been working as a leadership coach and consultant since 2003 and before that she has been practicing an real life as manager, leader and management consultant  in the industry for 20 years. She holds  Master degrees in Industrial Engineering and Business Administration in International Marketing.

From Leadership theory to real leadership training . How you can reinvent yourself in your leadership each day

Course Contents

7 Videos
2 Quizzes
2 Surveys
2 Texts
2 PDFs
2 Disqus
1.0 hr