The 6 Week ALIVE Leadership Challenge

Be the leader who inspires performance | taught by Kerstin Weibull Lundberg
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Kerstin Weibull Lundberg
Kerstin Weibull Lundberg
ALIVE Leadership Summit Host

About the instructor

"Kerstin inspires performance with her earthy, balanced approach, inner wisdom, and management and leadership experience. She leads from love and lets her heart be her guide for all that she takes action for in the world ”

Kerstin Weibull Lundberg is the founder of the ALIVE Leadership method. She has been practicing as a leadership coach and consultant the past 15 years and before that as manger and management consultant in the industry for 20 years. She holds and MSc in Industrial Engineering and MBA in International Marketing.

In the he 6- Week ALIVE Leadership Challenge  we meet each week in a virtual room on Zoom.

On this course plattform you will find each weeks playbook and the recordings from previous circles.

In the ALIVE circle we use the benefits of circle creating a safe space for our leaders to develop, either in a physical room or virtually online using a web seminary application.

The benefits with the ALIVE circle is:

  • Circle is for all leaders at all levels in life and work
  • Circle is a space for engagement where all voices are heard
  • Circle is place with leaders in all chairs
  • Circle is a neutral room for learning
  • Circle is safe
  • Circle is a mirror
  • Circle is empowering
  • Circle is expansive
  • Circle is a place to develop authentic leadership

The 6-week ALIVE Leadership Challenge

Introduction – Create an environment for leadership development where people feel socially safe and have possibilities to make authentic, thoughtful contributions to their own leadership development process.

Authenticity – Invent your self as an authentic leader, being conscious, let go of resistance and embody your leadership

Listening Skills – Learn how to be aware of your mental processes, your perceptions and emotions and how to create constructive conversation.

Intentional Presence – Increase your awareness and learn how to communicate your intentional presence, goals and vision with passion.

Value Awareness – Find your core values, create awareness of alignment and your own inner story.

Energy Management – Be aware of what signals you send out and what you attract, learn to focus and feel resonance.

Course Contents

5 Texts
12.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Circle 2 - Authenticity
Circle 3 - Listening skills
Circle 4 - Intentional Presence
Circle 5 - Value Awareness
Circle 6 - Energy Managment